Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Preview in Daegu South Korea Textile Show S/S2013

Last week, I was invited at Preview in Daegu South KoreaTextile Show S/S 2013, thanks to a very fashionable Ms Rei Kim, Ceo and President of NexFair South Korea and my Filipina friend Sheila Delgado.

 It was a great experience just immersing myself with beautiful works of fashion and design. I was really blown away with the traditional Korean outfits on the super duper high-tech Korean production runway---lights, sound, visual effects, performance. Of course, the exquisite textiles, cut, colors and techniques in construction. 

I will post series of pictures here (sorry they are a bit blurry ) from my BlackBerry phone ( and my cousin Jenny Jutare's phone photos, too, who travelled with me as well).  Videos I will upload, too , of course.

One thing I must say---because of very good Korean design schools and great clusters of production houses (Daegu is the textile city of Korea) --the designers' work are high quality-make and within very now marketable concepts of line planning.

From  high tech textiles to traditional processing like organic dying ( which  I learned there and bought tons of materials back home ), now our Korean and Filipino heads are working on a exciting collaboration for a future melding of ideas towards a show.  

Contemporary interpretation of Korean traditional costumes. I just noticed the hemline is shorter but the basic silhouettes and embellishments remain the same exquisite form.

 Korean women in their best! They are so elegant!

My cousin Jenny and her friends in their Korean costumes.