Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Project Dimension moves on

The Ati Community in Boracay Island continues as we deliver their supplies and  utilities as sponsored by SMART Telecommunications Inc. The project I authored and initiated with as commissioned by the National Council for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) and the Philippine Business for Social Progress with donations of sewing machines from Brother International.

 The women from the community  move on to their next level of training which is pattern making and bag construction at the newly built livelihood center courtesy of Asisi Foundation.

Took my entire Nautilus PJ Aranador production staff to the island to  teach them how and they learned fast. Mary Jane Tuares of BIZFTC, a fair trade consulting firm as commissioned by SMART, handles the organization, business development and social ventures. PJ Aranador designs and does product development, brand and market development.

The livelihood will produce eco-bags made from refused textiles--ideal for environmental campaign against plastic bags in resorts and in our islands. The project accepts used textiles to be converted by the community into bags. It will launch a scheme for tourists to bring their used clothing and discarded home linen when they visit to Boracay island and these textile donations will be converted into Eco-bags. In return, the donor will get a heavy discount on bags in exchange for the donated used textiles. So next time you travel to Boracay, bring some used textiles for a purposeful holiday. 

The island you visit, may be saved both in environmental issues and livelihood for the poor.