Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pineapple Handloom Fiber of Aklan Philippines

The Province of Aklan,in the Philippines. is the handloom center for pineapple fiber called Piña. Called the Amazing Weaves exhibitions at the Manila Intercon kicked off today March 6 until March 24, 2013. Contemporary fiber fashion were from design colleques at the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines Ceasar Gaupo, Rajo Laurel, Jojie Lloren, Frederick Peralta. Also from good friend Barge Ramos. And Milka Quin. Fabrics by La Herminia and de la Cruz House of Piña.--both my long time clients in design development.

Am blogging this affair because I helped in part  the conceptualization of the project with Mrs Vicky Ramos Antonino--Chairman of the Tourism Council in Aklan and Western Visayas. She is the daughter of the father of Aklan--Godofredo Ramos.
 This for me is the best in the house. Love the silhouette. Created by Jojie Lloren--our former grand prix winner at the young designer competition in Paris France years ago.

 A modern barong by Barge Ramos.

 This piece uses waste cocoon with pineapple fiber.

 Aklan is home to the world famous white sand beach island Boracay--where my resort store Nautilus & where my holiday home is located---and the island lifestyle was presented with tropical music and fire dance by celebrity figure Rachel Lobangco.Plus the performance of the colorful Ati-atihan---the mother of all festivals in the Philippines.

 Am Intercon waitress in her Filipino head gear.
 Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo in her all Piña.gown. She has been my avid supporter of my assistance to the fiber and handicrafts industry in Aklan. 
Mrs. Imelda Marcos, our former First Lady, attending the affair. Still looking stunning and elegant.