Monday, 16 May 2016

Iloilo City Best Dining Experience for Ilonggo food at Wawa Heritage restaurant Jaro Iloilo City

BARKADA TIME. FAMILY TIME. Wawa Heritage Restaurant offers home-cooked local food at its most delicious preparations and at its most affordable prices. Ideal for students and young people! Bring your entire "barkada". And if you do not have barkada, bring your family members for a treat. Eating out is not necessarily expensive with slow food--that is anything local that supports our local farmers and fishermen. Help us support a small enterprise that cultivates the culture of sustainability of our culinary heritage, our agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

TINUOM is an Ilonggo food which is to cook anything in fresh banana leaves over clay pot and charcoal fire. The flavour of the food is trapped inside the banana leaves which also add flavour to the dish. Wawa does not use MSG.

First price to appear is personal size serving. Second price to appear is good for 2-3 persons per serving.

DO YOU STILL EAT FASTFOOD?THAT IS EATING EXTENDERS IN FAST FOOD? Help us support a small enterprise that cultivates the culture of sustainability of our culinary heritage, local our agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

Wawa uses only 100% local ingredients and zero imported ones, including our spices. This means you are eating only pure fresh raw materials sourced around you cooked in the simplest of traditional means without additives. That means healthier food. It also means you are aware of locally grown food that has low carbon foot print that will save our planet. 

Share this experience of enjoying our local culinary experiences by supporting what is locally yours. Our country will be better sustained when we start patronizing our very own rather than something foreign.

GLORIOUS RICE. Our tinuom rice is cooked topped with local viand or just by itself is just as fine. Our rice-meal-by-itself can go a long way even without a viand. Local guyabano and calamansi juice are top favorites along with our famous turron de saba with cacao coconut milk dip. We have other array of local deserts you can enjoy this summer like local flavoured fruits ice cream and Iloilo's popular barquillos we made flat into a cacao chocolate sandwich!

Wawa Unbeatable Low Low Price for Hot Hot Summer. Grab our Tinuom Rice with your favorite Ilonggo dish! Both Dine-In and Drive- Through. Available NOW!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Escuela ifashion Academy Iloilo WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO BEST

Escuela de Artesanias de las Filipinas ifashion Academy
ifashion stands for International Fashion Academy for Specific Home-land Industries and On-line Networks.
Esquina Calle General Hughes and Zamora, Plaza Independencia, Iloilo Proper, Iloilo City, PhilippinesContact Landline 033-321-0370 look for Jelaine Or Text 09189097362 PJ or 09093505640
ESCUELA ARTESANIAS de las FILIPINAS iFashion School PJ Arañador is the first international design-led crafts and artisanal fashion school Iloilo City. Founded by PJ Arañador is a multi-awarded international lifestyle designer and owner of the Nautilus PJ Arañador Design Studio One. His body of works on design-led crafts spans across Asia, Africa, South and North America, the Caribbean, India, Middle East, China, Australia and Europe. He has been the curator of international fairs in Colombia, Peru and India. 

For more than 25 years, PJ Arañador has served many communities around the world leveling up the artisans through crafts livelihood. He advocates trade fair and ethical fashion which are sustainable through mentorship  in product design, merchandise development,  entrepreneurship and branding. He is the youngest recipient of the Outstanding Professional Awards in Arts and Letters from the University of the Philippines where he graduated. He was a faculty member of La Salle College International School. He has been a trainor and teacher for many private and government entities around the world. He has mentored thousands of young students, artisans and entrepreneurs in his own country alone. Foremost of his involvement is being one of the longest consultants to the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines. 

Arañador is a co-founder of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines and member of the Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development. He is also an international environmental design activist as consultant for Go Green Philippines and  author of  Project Zero. He  is a developmental design mentor for Maarte with the  Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Compete Philippines and Asia Foundation, owner of Nautilus brand for resortwear and lifestyle crafts  in Boracay and Wawa,a heritage slow food restaurant.


The school core competency is teaching design-led crafts specific to homeland industries. There are no laboratories in the school, instead, the students will do their lab works in the workshops and livelihood centers in the communities, thereby, the students will work where the materials and artisans' skills are. Each class are usually short terms in as short as half a day or three weeks. The classes have small number of students in a inter-active around the table format to allow better interaction and collaborations.

ifashion stands for International Fashion Academy for Specific Home-land Industries and On-line Networks. The school teaches crafts and design with provenance of the materials and techniques. Refered to  as endemic design as well, the method of teaching it based on available local materials and skills for it to be sustainable. It teaches ethical, green and socially responsible fashion and design. 

The teaching method is anchored stimulating points of view of students to be experts in artisanal fashion, design-led crafts and level-up skills in modern design sensibilities and innovation. Each student is taught on the premise that design means business by moulding them to be entrepreneurs rather than as employees, thereby, creating industries towards nation building. The school offers courses even to children and teens because it believes training them should during formative years. It also  inculcate to students that a college education is not necessarily an advantage in the creative world, thereby, giving them an alternative way for other career paths other than the traditional ways. 

The school offers scholarships to youths who can not afford to go to school, specially to children of artisans. These are in majority deserving rural students, mostly children of craftsmen or young people within the crafts cluster. It also conducts annual design competition for scholarship called Hecho Derecho in which in-coming students  and already enrolled in may avail of free tuitions by competing in design contests.

The school connects with the artisans' workshops and community livelihood centers through on-line, thereby, upgrading the design methods through information technology and digital media.
Design-led crafts and artisanal fashion becomes relevant where the crafts community is its laboratory. It embraces design through innovation with the green collar economy in mind while creating design-led crafts which preserves the cultural. social and environmental heritage of the Philippines and other races.

The school is located in a restored 1920 building along the heritage row of Iloilo City. The building was the first international hotel in the city where national and international who’s who stayed. It overlooking the Iloilo straight and the Iloilo City Capitol and the majestic old world edifices of the Queen’s City of the South.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Escuela Iloilo Summer Classes 2016 begining May 16, 2016.

Study with one of the country's best accessories designer. Not to MISS!

Enroll your children in a painting class this summer. And you as a mother, aunt or big sister or brother to the little ones, can come along and learn as well. Hone creative thinking and your life will be more expressive!

Bring out the creativity in your child. Art will make them think in innovative ways and as they grow older their cognitive thinking in relation to being exposed to arts and crafts at an early age will connect them to humanities--one of the best ways to nuture self awareness to co-exists with others.Enroll them now. It is never too expensive to do so for the future of your child.
Contact Landline 033-321-0370 look for Jelaine Or Text 09189097362 PJ or 09093505640

Do you own a store or planning to have one? A boutique? A grocery? Or even want to decorate your house? This is a course that will make you sell effectively or enjoy your environment. A rare chance to study just in your neighborhood---and only half a day you are done!

You own a brand and you want to improve its presence in the market? Or do you plan to create a brand? Let us teach you a scientific and creative methods to do so. Enroll now before our regular tuition in our
June classes.

Enroll your kids and youself to a creative summer this time! Our best selling class on basic bamboo weaving is here! We will provide you with the bamboo materials and all you need to do is enjoy learning a new craft you can turn into business! Or well, just having a new skill acquired this summe

PJ Aranador teaches you the beginings of becoming a fashion designer which can take you to become a home and lifestyle designer, too. While Escuela will teach computer aided design, we do not forget the manual way of doing things. Grab this chance. Enroll your barkada and let us have fun!

Modelling in the Philippines has become a full time career. It can bring you a decent income. Yet it will enhance your personality and improve your command of yourself in public. Modelling can go beyond the ramp. It can help you look better and enjoy your life better.

Cosmetology is a craft. It means business too. The clothes the designer make will not look as good as when worn with a model fully made up. But it is not easy, it takes science to accomplish this through a study in maquillage.