Sunday, 8 September 2013

Boracay.......guys, wish you were here to clean up.

Boracay Foundation, Inc. whose members are staunch supporters for a greener, cleaner and more responsible Boracay has its regular clean-up drive last Sept.7th. At 7am, the human vacuum cleaners raked the beach of Boracay.  Not to clean up only  for those who do not care but also to show to the world we can put to shame those who dirty our beach---the very source of our livelihood and pride for our islands we call precious.Let us see what we got. 
Our Boracay Police joined hands with Boracay Foundation to vacuum clean the white beach. 

Women Boracay policemen took the effort to dig up a rotting plastic bag buried in the white sand.

Ughhhhhh.....too fragile to remove. The hands of cooperation can speak of how our folks can be serious in making our beach pristine from non-biodgradable substances that will ruin our corral reefs in the island. 

 Finally , with the help of the men, the bag was removed.

Our foundation leaders lead the way....waking up early in the glorious up while pumping fresh air into their lungs for health!

 Even the smallest of these cement pellets have to be carefully removed one by one. Patience is a good virtue.

The march of the cleaners....somehow too many of us with too little garbage to picked up. Nice walk though.
Nothing to pick up, girls? Sacks empty? Good signs indeed.

As much as we could clean. 
Start them young. Our local resident teeners resting after the clean-up.

Some plastic wrappers collected in an almost empty sack. Tourists should never ever throw these things on the beach. They are irresponsibly unaware of its harmful effects to the sea.

Some bottles left by tourists the night before we cleaned up. So we really need enforcers to police these people? We do not think so. If these bottles were broken, they will bleed one's innocent feet while walking on the beach. There were still cigarette butts collected. Meaning there are tourists smoking at the beach at night. Boracay has NO SMOKING policy at the beach and the penalty is stiff. Yet some tourists do not follow it.

These are biodagradable debris--- but still some picked them up...for aesthetic reasons. We want the white beach as white as sugar, spotless, for which Boracay is known for in the world. 

Too clean too pick up some more?

Jony Salme, Boracay Foundation president 's shirt says it all. Thanking those who helped.

Inventory of what we collected and sorted them out. 

The blue boys with their loot sacks of garbage, though few.
Boracay Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Volunteers Inc...the men in black that mean business to keep Boracay not only safe but clean and responsible.

Next time they can pose without the garbage bags...because Boracay is it already is.

we are proud of you

 What is next? It is positive an answer.
Hahaha my sack was empty...I had too few garbage to collect. So I was happy. 

Mission accomplished. 

As if saying...nothing to clean up afterall. 

The hands that bind.

Time to dispose the garbage.
Too little garbage to collect is a good sign, our policies on cleanliness is working!
This is how pristine the white beach we left behind our tracks of clean-up.
No stone was unturned. 
A well manicured sugar-fine sand combed into impeccable kind. 
Where on earth can you find a beach as clean as this one?
His future is assured. He can enjoy the same white beach when he turns as aged as we are now.
Just don't look at the wave. Look at the clean sand. 
And indeed, wish you were here. Fruit juice, please! Time to unwind.

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