Friday, 18 January 2013

ACID NEON GREEN -Color of the Year 2013 SUMMER 2013. Many asked me what is the color of 2013. Here it is: Last year’s color of cantaloupe, that lovely delicious fruit color, is now replaced by acid yellow-greens and evergreens. To an exciting level, even their neon range of chroma. Why neon greens? Perhaps , the drum beats of the resurgence of global economy, specially in the Philippines, signal this color palette as symbolic as it comes. It is said the world turns into a new phase of its growth—the GREEN COLLAR ECONOMY. So I reckon the color is aptly a representation of this direction. I love the hue green---specially, chartreuse ( lime yellow). When I was younger I cant miss the color in my works. And still is. And I see boys with neon yellow green sneakers and they amuse me with their fashion sense. Well, good bye cantaloupe hello acid green. There are other interesting color bundles for S/S 2013 as shown here. Some are carry overs of the past season. I still like the teal blue.





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