Wednesday, 23 January 2013

HOTTEST HOME TREND 2013: Color and Pattern on Floor

 This first room seems to fit right into our topic with three large area rugs laid down in an open living space. Though totally different in pattern, this trio looks quit charming together.

 For a lovely cottage look, a hand-painted or stenciled wood floor can be perfect underfoot. This one goes decidedly feminine with a soft pink background.

Colorful Floor
A single solid paint color can be used to add a more formal look. A minty hue on both floor and ceiling brings unity to this living room.
 Here, a glossy jewel tone blue adds a happy vibe to a tiny under-the-stairs dining space. I’m intrigued by the clever way the light fixture is hung.
 Color doesn’t always have to be bright or high contrast to be beautiful on the floor. This area rug is lovely with a pale calligraphy pattern that mimics the graffiti†wall art.

Colorful Floor
Black and white squares are exceptionally versatile on the floor. The pattern and color is gorgeous in marble for an elegant entry or in rugged tiles or paint for a hard-working laundry room as seen here.
Colorful Floor

In the image above, black and white stripped rugs bring color interest and texture to dark wood floors. A splash of orange paint on one wall adds a cheerful touch. Texts by bluebergitt

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