Monday, 16 May 2016

Iloilo City Best Dining Experience for Ilonggo food at Wawa Heritage restaurant Jaro Iloilo City

BARKADA TIME. FAMILY TIME. Wawa Heritage Restaurant offers home-cooked local food at its most delicious preparations and at its most affordable prices. Ideal for students and young people! Bring your entire "barkada". And if you do not have barkada, bring your family members for a treat. Eating out is not necessarily expensive with slow food--that is anything local that supports our local farmers and fishermen. Help us support a small enterprise that cultivates the culture of sustainability of our culinary heritage, our agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

TINUOM is an Ilonggo food which is to cook anything in fresh banana leaves over clay pot and charcoal fire. The flavour of the food is trapped inside the banana leaves which also add flavour to the dish. Wawa does not use MSG.

First price to appear is personal size serving. Second price to appear is good for 2-3 persons per serving.

DO YOU STILL EAT FASTFOOD?THAT IS EATING EXTENDERS IN FAST FOOD? Help us support a small enterprise that cultivates the culture of sustainability of our culinary heritage, local our agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

Wawa uses only 100% local ingredients and zero imported ones, including our spices. This means you are eating only pure fresh raw materials sourced around you cooked in the simplest of traditional means without additives. That means healthier food. It also means you are aware of locally grown food that has low carbon foot print that will save our planet. 

Share this experience of enjoying our local culinary experiences by supporting what is locally yours. Our country will be better sustained when we start patronizing our very own rather than something foreign.

GLORIOUS RICE. Our tinuom rice is cooked topped with local viand or just by itself is just as fine. Our rice-meal-by-itself can go a long way even without a viand. Local guyabano and calamansi juice are top favorites along with our famous turron de saba with cacao coconut milk dip. We have other array of local deserts you can enjoy this summer like local flavoured fruits ice cream and Iloilo's popular barquillos we made flat into a cacao chocolate sandwich!

Wawa Unbeatable Low Low Price for Hot Hot Summer. Grab our Tinuom Rice with your favorite Ilonggo dish! Both Dine-In and Drive- Through. Available NOW!

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