Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Color my world

My latest fashion show in India Spring Summer 2012  on Sustainable Ethical Fashion.

 I thought the colors were wonderful. India is a nation that worships color. Everywhere I travel in India, exotic women are in bright colors,often shocking,   dotting the landscape of India---some land can be just arid or as lush. They are like canvas of starkness to hues of  colors. I found out that Indian women, in traditional Indian culture, are supposed to be domesticated only---that is, just caring for their husband's needs as well as their families. So be they in the cornfields or mustard plantations, these women "decorate" the Indian landscape with the most beautiful colors your eyes can feast on. So cool. I have never seen any society in the world that is not afraid of colors than India. A close rival would be the blazing reds, to scare wild animals, of the Maasai tribes I worked with in Kenya several years back.

Life can be expressed in colors to create a  style that is a colorscopy of the meanings of hues to our beings---whether that is cultural or just a point of view.

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