Friday, 17 February 2012



I read once before that a child who is good in colors will be a good artist or designer when he grows up.

I love colors. The world can not go without colors. Working on colors everyday on my drawing board  and pc is always fun. From chartreuse to mauve, from taupe to teal, from alabaster to lilac, many hues are just exhilarating  to see transformed into visual boards or product translations.

I like beautiful color combinations. Mixing colors  is like marriage. It takes at least two colors to create romance. The irony though, my wardrobe is always black, white, grey and red...if not only black black black and more black.

FASHION preceeds INTERIORS. In my other next posts, I will translate these fashion colors into table top accessories, furniture and even garden objects. You will be amazed how fashion colors transgress to home lifestyle.  

I would like to share with you  my compilations of the latest color directions, you will also see silhouettes, forms and inter-disciplinary design inspirations  for the next seasons. This is a series in trends on style and fashion.

SEE my color applications here on my RUNWAY SHOW for  F/W Collection 2012. Here are the links: PASTELS and PURPLES LIME and MAGENTA YELLOW AND NUDE BLACK RED, GREYS, ORANGE
and never mind the heavy accent of the voice over!
and check this out. Fabulous plum and midnight blues

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