Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ms D

Dina Bonnevie, fondly called Ms D,  is a famous movie and TV actress in my country, the Philippines. She was my former business partner in exports.

These wonderful retro pictures  were taken in my former design studio atelier and house in Makati City, Manila. That house, whose owners lived in the USA,   I reconstructed from its run-down  and un-taken-care-of state  into a work of style in contemporary look through re-imaging, finishings and detailing.

 I had the most amazing hand-finish patina walls handpainted by my team of 20 junior designers! Even the glossy antique wood floor was handpainted with sea-waves. The railings and stairway steps were in spanking black piano finish! It was like...huh, this guy is crazy!  The house  had a melding Filipino Asian look ( I will post the photos here soon). It was a repository of my antique and crafts collection from Africa, South America, India and Asia.  I transformed the house into a charming abode and even made more charming with Ms D coming to work  with me in that place. You know,  like cocooning in an assuring bird's nest!

I recall, the former ever-famous Filipino lady senator Ms. Nikki Coseteng, whom I dress up, also did a photo shoot in the same house ( photos coming up) as well as other shoots by Filipino and foreign TV and press. I remember as well,  my first equally beautiful design studio house also hosted a shoot for the first Ms. Model of the World winner from the Philippines, Ms Gemith Gemparo, styled by now popular Filipino stylist Luis Espiritu.

These photos, I discovered in my old CD files,  were taken for a show called Aninag, meaning "sheer", which featured exquisite  pineapple fiber fabric made into gowns by my neighborhood designer friend Nono Palmos. Make up here by his cousin Victor, who is another good friend,  who is now based  in New York City. I  did the jewelry for the show ( not shown here---another post to come!). This was the style then.Hmmm, ageless, I must say! Still as classic and serene a style.  

Now, I just go on wild retrospective about that charming house of mine in perfect tandem with the ever- charming Ms D whom I miss so much these days. I reckon, my  life is styled by  memories and fondness for things as charming as this one.  

The afternoon sun from my windows. It mesmerizes her eyes.

Teal dusted with time. Yet fresh for those who will recall.

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