Sunday, 8 December 2013

Estancia, Iloilo: The Little Alaska of the Philippines has become the Little Mongolia of the Philippines

Estancia in Spanish means ranch. The tent city is situated in "Daan Banwa" or old town during the Spanish period which was located upland. The "vaqueros" discovered the lowland along the shoreline and realized it was great source of fish and marine produce---ergo, the town was moved to the coastal area. So what was originally a ranch town became a fishing town known as the Little Alaska of the Philippines. The white tents at the NIPC West Campus. It is like in Mongolia than in Alaska.Green toilets shown at the backdrop.
581 families evacuated to the Tent City
Relief Distribution Schedule
Over 2,000 evacuees mostly from oil spilled barangay Botongon
Manually written schedule as electricity is not yet installed back to the town. 
The Canadians build the tents and playgrounds and taught the survivors to cope up with shock. They have stress therapy from being dislocated and to adjust living in plastic tents than in their usual bamboo huts.

Water supply is crucial but they are well provided with that.

Some build their own tents. Not to be different and creative but it is wanting as a neccessity.

Kids draw water from a pipe system.

Evacuees count the passing of time, sitting, perhaps doing nothing. 

It is nice to see, but we all sure, it is hard to live here forever.

Is their privacy for daily life exposed? Of course, yes. 

Thank you Canada.
Thank you South Korea

Arrid land for evacuees

Other less organized and manicured tents. They too are congested.

Children are the most vulnerable during calamities. Here they are entertained to forget and accept the tragedy in their lives. 

Ball games to de-stress the evacuees.

A mother in her improvised kitchen. 

 A young girl gets to pose with a big green for my camera in spite of their  makeshift abode.

Shipments of water systems

 Water filters

DSWD Staff helping me out find some answers to some of my questions.

 The DSWD headquarters at the Tent City

A Department Of Health Tent

Great idea.

 Kids enjoy their rationed food. 
Images of the oil spill that evacuated most people.

A unveiled marker for those who donated. Why not also the survivors? The ones who perished?


  1. Looking at these pictures is so discouraging. Where will the students go? What is the local government doing? I just hope and pray that the students and faculty will have the patience and courage to plod is so critical.

  2. Somethings are done. The general movement is just it is so slow. The kids are supposed to be back in January 2014 but we all doubt it will be realized as school rebuilding is nowhere in site

  3. Wow nice a big thanks to Canada and His people.Thank you for your kindness and love for Filipino people. I hope someday somehow I could see and step in your country. Thank you very much.

  4. This can be AVOIDED if LGUs just PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Preparedness, Management & Recovery, a must in GOOD GOVERNANCE from Barangay to Municipality, from City to Provincial, from Region to national LEVEL!