Sunday, 8 December 2013

Estancia, Iloilo. My sister's house whittled to the ground by Yolanda

The eldest of our family, Dercy, is a practicing physician. Her house is gone, everything! Nothing is left except splints of wood and topsy turvy of debris scattered in a compound at the edge of the sea. She shuttles between Estancia, Iloilo and  Chicago, Illinois, USA and was there when Yolanda surged into her house and peppered it with total destruction. 

As a brother, it is heartbreaking to see how much she could have spend  of her earnings to her abode to simply be washed away to the sea. The water rose more than two meters deep and swallowed everything. 

I can imagine small houses along the shore which experienced the same, even worse, as some lives were lost.

The wreckage ability of nature is elusive to sympathy which these images project. 


The remains of her refrigerator, turned upside down, which stores medicines and vaccines she donates to the poor.

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